The Spanish Super-Draw From the E-Lottery

The E-lottery have now introduced a Syndicate allowing you to join the Spanish super draw, Here’s a bit more information about this Syndicate and what it can do for you.

The E-lottery, publish draws every Friday on their website and also every Saturday on television. They show the twenty four numbers for the European lotto and a bonus ball which if any of the balls matched your numbers, could win you the jackpot. direct every Wednesday and Saturday on television and at the same time send out the winning tickets. They offer a further prize for matching three of the bonus ball numbers. This prize is paid at the rate of £1,000 for three ball prizes and £10,000 for four ball prizes.

Dionysian Superdraw, you have to be a Spanish resident to be able to enter this super draw. This super draw is played twice a week, Monday and Saturday, Kentuckians can enter the Spanish Super Draw via citizen action. In the following hours after the draw results are posted at their website. They also offer a further prize of €1,000 for matching three ball prizes and if you provide details before finishing up, they offer a share of the money paid in the pot.

When you play the Spanish Lottery, you will be selected randomly and the numbers will be drawn randomly, unlike the UK lotto, where it is much harder to have your numbers drawn randomly. Each week, 84 balls are drawn in total,cluding the bonus ball. The minimum jackpot prize in the Spanish Super draw is claimed by 10 players and the jackpot prize is heavier at EUR190,000.00 than the UK lotto where it is EUR120,000.00.

The E-lottery offers players matching bonuses and winnings, a simple process of depositing you winnings is also simple. Simply get on to their website and follow the instructions. Once you have confirmed your ticket numbers, you can claim your winnings by sending them a printed copy of the winning ticket. To collect your winnings, you have to complete within the allocated period of time. The claim period will vary depending on when you claim. You will have seven working days to claim your money and there is a period of 48 hours in which you can claim if the ticket is lost.

The job of a Spanish Super draw Syndicate is to buy as many tickets as possible and promote the e-lottery to maximise its effect. It is an excellent way to generate a profit and earn tax free income, from the UK lottery. Spanish Super draw Syndicate will guarantee you a profit by ensuring you purchase tickets for five sets of draws during the week.

All prizes will be paid out within the stipulated period of time. If you ignore or persistently disregard the instructions Then the e-lottery will assume the full or remainder of any monies payable to you.

I have used this method before to win the Spanish Euro millions, and i have to say it certainly works. Lets look at some of the other prizes available to win in the Spanish super draw.

The Restrictions on the number of copies of the ticket that can be purchased is twelve per customer. This applies to all versions of the ticket. The offer period is also twelve months and does not stop if you ignore the instructions.

Incentive prizes of €2000 are available to those who pre-pay for their ticket to the e-lottery or any other multiple ticket quantity greater than five.

The price of the ticket is US $1. This is a cheap price for this prize.

The Approximately of payout for Spanish super draw is varies by ticket quantity. You can either find a retailer or contact your local E-lottery Syndicate Organization. The E-lottery website also has a link to the Spanish Lottery Official Website on Win Trillions []